Mission Made Exposure

In two short weeks, Mission Made Jewelry's founder and CEO, Ross Marino, as well as our project director, Kaitlyn Hopfer, will have the wonderful opportunity to lead a team of eight volunteers to Tabbarre, Port Au Prince, Haiti.  Since we get to work with so many wonderful organizations in many different parts of the world, the team has put a lot of thought into why Haiti is where they are lead to go.  More than 80% of Haitians live below the poverty line, and they have the highest percentage of orphans in the western hemisphere due to lack of economic resources.  When we discovered Haiti Awake, an organization run by Wilmington local Becky Graves, Haiti seemed like the clear choice.
Haiti Awake aspires to help the people of Haiti in several ways: through economic development, community development, and church ministry development.  Their mission is to show the love of Christ to Haiti by allowing them more opportunities to engage in personal relationships, Bible studies, and formal Bible training.  Haiti Awake teams are sent to build relationships with the people of Haiti in order to best serve them, rather than try to "Americanize" them.  A quote on their website reads, "Love doesn't just think about it or keep planning for it.  Simply put: love does." -Bob Goff
 The name of our trip is Mission Made Exposure.  While on the trip, we will have the opportunity to work with an orphanage and visit Papillion, one of our artisan groups, to strengthen our relationship with them and see what we can do to benefit them more.  The purpose of this is to walk with the people we want to help and make changes with them, rather than for them.  By visiting these groups, we will be able to gain a deeper understanding of their culture and needs, which will allow us to better serve them. 
Ultimately, our team has an exciting and busy trip coming up! There will be updates on our blog so make sure to check back for updates on their travels and all of the beautiful people and places they will encounter.  Below are the links to Haiti Awake and Papillion to learn more about these phenomenal organizations. 


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