Box with a Mission

We are neck-deep in a time of shortened attention spans, tried patience, and trends fighting to knock down our front doors. This era has changed the way we shop from wandering around retail storefronts to 2-hour rush shipping an umbrella to our doorstep when it's forecasted to rain. Maybe it's not that extreme, but we are in a transitional time, and we are dwelling in the happy medium.  


Mission Made Jewelry was built on a heart for the nations, an eye for the unique, a style that reaches beyond territory lines. A mission to slow down, pause for the details, and cultivate opportunity. That mission has changed the lives of families, communities, and individuals all over Haiti; while the impact ripples into the lives of Mission Made customers and employees. The process does not fit into the molded role that business operations typically plays because of differences in time zones, shipping, regulations, and supplies; but that's part of what makes the end product so beautiful.  


While Mission Made employees work hard to strategically collide Haitian time with Westernized demand, ever-changing trends and waves cannot afford to be turned a blind-eye. That is where the idea of a subscription box was born: because virtually everything is deliverable, coming straight from the manufacturer and retail powerhouses. However, we as people cannot afford to lose appreciation for things that are worth the wait, the one-of-a-kind, the crafted by hand, products that cultivate sustainability and change lives.  


The Mission Made Subscription Box will be delivered seasonally: with products necessary for the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer, while remaining on-trend, always. Our first box will be launching as our Fall Collection this September, the art on the outside of the box inspired by Haitian artisans, drawn by myself. The inspiration for the design came from a desire to highlight the artisans that we partner with through muted colors and chic sketching.  


Through this era of immediacy, businesses everywhere are herded to adaptation. Through the creation of the Mission Made Subscription Box, we are delivering unique, hand-crafted products. These start as ideas, become orders to our partners in Haiti, evolve from multiple raw materials into jobs and production, crafted into a product in need of fine-tuning, refined to become a finished product, loaded onto a plane back to us, and from us hand-picked, sent through the mail, landing at your doorstep. Weeks of work, planning, troubleshooting, picture-taking, and joy in the in-between finds itself at your fingertips. We never want to lose that. The intentionality behind our products is what makes us who we are. That's why each time your Mission Made Subscription Box finds its way to you; it will feel different. Because it is. 

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