Connections that Count

At Mission Made Gifts we truly believe that relationships matter. Our vision since the start has been about creating jobs, restoring hope, and empowering people, and we believe that the best way to do that is to develop meaningful relationships. Each year the Mission Made team packs up suitcases of jewelry and other artisan items to attend the Excel 401(k) Conference in Las Vegas. Alongside our partners with Rekon Intelligence, we are able to share the Mission Made story and provide conference attendees and members of the financial industry an opportunity to learn about how they can approach client gift gifting with a purposeful and meaningful mindset.

It was during this conference that we had an incredible conversation with the Women in Pensions Network that sparked an idea for something that would have an incredible impact for our artisans in Haiti.

The Women in Pensions Network (WiPN) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2009 by a group of industry leaders who were seeking to create a forum for women in the pensions industry that would allow them to network and cultivate professional and personal growth. In an industry of only 13% women, they saw the importance of meaningful relationships and connections that count.

This year WiPN has been gracious enough to partner with Mission Made to help us to create sustainable and dignified jobs through the gifting process. As a part of their membership, WiPN members received hand-made cuffs with the phrase “connections that count” as a reminder of all that their organization stands for. Our partnership with WiPN has allowed us to formally train, employ, and re-invest into our Mission Made Artisan group. Armed with new materials and experience our artisans have learned new skills and have begun to take steps to create even more jobs within the community.  

This incredible partnership is a symbol of what we call “espwa” in Haitian Creole – a symbol of hope. This partnership is proof that meaningful relationships matter and that simple steps can make an incredible impact.

To learn more about the Women in Pensions Network, click here.

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