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Haiti Awake

 For the month of May, we will be raising funds for Haiti Awake's ministry efforts and children's home. Click the link below to purchase one of our custom-made Haiti Awake products. 80% of the proceeds from these items will be donated directly back to Haiti Awake.

Haiti Awake is a Wilmington, NC based 501c3 which partners directly with Haitian nationals working in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Their mission is to see an awakening of Haitian Christians through community development, economic development, and church-ministry development. They desire to provide opportunities to Haitian Christians through personal relationships, community Bible studies, formal Biblical training, and academic education. Their goal is to equip Haitian Christians to reach their own communities and their own country through showing Christ’s love in action.
The Mission Made team has been fortunate enough to travel to Port-au-Price, Haiti and stay with the Haiti Awake Ministry team and be a part of the work that they are doing. Our executive director, Kaitlyn Hopfer recounts her trips alongside Haiti Awake, “The work that this ministry is doing in Haiti is indescribable, they have created a way for Americans and Haitians to grow and learn from one another. During my time spent with Haiti Awake I have been able to build relationships that I am confident will last a lifetime.”
When asked to reflect on her favorite memories in Haiti, Kaitlyn described, “Every single moment in Haiti is my favorite, the second I step off the plane it is like walking into another world. I love the food, the scenery, but most of all I love the people.

The sense of community that you experience is so different than here in the United States. People are truly present, they place relationships as their number one priority and I just think that’s amazing. I truly enjoy being with the children of the Haiti Awake Children’s Home; we sing, dance, and play games. Those are the moments that I truly cherish.”
Haiti Awake operates a Children’s Home where they have focused on helping 13 beautiful children thrive in life through formal education, training, and development. Additionally, beyond the Children’s Home they are pro-active about conducting community bible studies and outreach. They have played an integral role in assisting in Hurricane Recovery efforts by distributing food, supplies, and water. We are committed and focused on helping Haiti Awake in their mission and we are grateful that YOUR purchases can help us do that.

Throughout the month of May, we are featuring several amazing Haitian-made creations that will be directly supporting Haiti Awake.

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