Our Story

Mission Made Jewelry (MMJ) is a non-profit organization that is working to break the cycle of poverty for individuals around the world through the sale of handmade products. MMJ partners with organizations in developing countries to establish training programs and create job opportunities. Products are created using traditional crafting techniques with locally-sourced materials. 


 Mission Made is striving to make a difference by


 We strive to create fair and sustainable jobs that help break the cycle of poverty. Every purchase improves the lives of the artisans and their families by providing fair wages, a sustainable income, and a safe work environment to keep families together.

Mission Made believes that the greatest opportunity we can give someone is a job.

Our artisans create handmade products with locally-sourced materials using traditional crafting techniques. Our partnerships with our artisans are built on trust and respect, and we hope they continue for decades. 


In Haiti, unemployed parents, unable to feed their children, send them to orphanages. In Cambodia, hopelessness and poverty drive some families to sell their daughters to sex traffickers.  There are endless stories of how poverty leads to desperation, and desperation leads to exploitation. With a sustainable income, many of the horrendous effects of global poverty are eliminated and people are given opportunities that they might not otherwise have.

Mission Made partners with organizations that create programs to provide employment, shelter, education, and health care.


Mission Made provides artisans a hand up not a hand out. Our goal is to partner with organizations that provide the resources that they need to strive and succeed on their own. As an additional benefit, artisans progress towards their dreams.

Every handcrafted product is made with a mission.

A deep passion for under-privileged people in developing countries lead to the creation of Mission Made Jewelry. Spend a few minutes watching the news, scrolling through social media, or viewing websites and see the hardships and suffering due to global poverty. Almost half the world - over 3 billion people - live on less than $2.50 a day. A quarter of humanity lives without electricity. Parents struggle to provide food, shelter, and protection for their families. Governments are failing to stimulate and manage their economies. The destitution is overwhelming and leads us to wonder: if not now, when? If not us, who?

By shopping with Mission Made you partner with us in creating jobs, restoring hope and empowering people. Thank you for your support!