Mission Made Team

Kaitlyn Stephens, Executive Director

As one of the founding members of Mission Made, Kaitlyn has helped grow Mission Made into the business it is today. Kaitlyn is passionate about poverty-alleviation efforts and works directly with our artisans and partners to create economic development opportunities. As executive director, she focuses on business strategy, partner relations, and product design. Her favorite Mission Made activity is traveling to the communities of our artisan partners and building relationships.

Kelsey Stott, Director of Operations & Marketing

Kelsey began her career with Mission Made in August 2016 as a Marketing Intern. Her passion for making an impact was evident from her first day. Since then, she has taken the role as Director of Operations & Marketing. Kelsey manages our inventory, events, partnerships, artisan group communications, and marketing/social media. After working with Mission Made and traveling to Haiti to visit our artisans for the first time, she has developed the passion of helping to keep families together through the development of jobs and through sharing the beautiful story of Haiti and its people.

Trey Dowdy, CFO

Trey grew up in Dallas and graduated from Florida State University in Tallahassee. Trey became involved early on in Mission Made, assisting with accounting and finances. Trey visited our artisans in Haiti for the first time in January 2018 and was excited to see how his background in finance has helped to make an impact on our artisans lives in Haiti.



Kailyn Middleton, Social Media & Photography Intern

Kailyn is a student at our local college UNC Wilmington. Before becoming a Mission Made intern, she volunteered her time by helping at events and with photoshoots. Now as an official part of our team, Kailyn assists Kelsey with inventory tasks while managing our social media accounts. As an aspiring photographer, she plans and leads our photoshoots. Kailyn has been with us on two trips to Haiti and loves the relationships she has developed with the sweet kids. She sees her internship as a way to marry her two passions: photography and giving back to the people of Haiti.


Ross and Jocelyne Marino

What started as an idea for a small business for Ross’s two daughters grew into the non-profit organization that is Mission Made Global today. With little background in retail, fashion, or jewelry, Ross took a leap of faith and founded Mission Made. His passion for business and for serving others fuels the heart of the organization. Ross believes that providing jobs is the answer to eliminating global poverty and continues to champion those beliefs within our mission. His wife Jocelyne has been a supporter and contributor to the Mission Made from the very beginning. Her background in photography and merchandising provided us with the kick-start we needed to plan and set-up the very first Mission Made events. Ross and Jocelyne continue to support Mission Made and assist with the continued efforts to create jobs throughout Haiti.