Up-coming Trip

Summer, 2017


Since we began, it has been our goal at Mission Made Jewelry to fight the causes and consequences of poverty in some of the poorest countries in the world. Through Mission Made Jewelry we have helped develop artisan training programs that create jobs and hand-made products. The proceeds from these sales allow us to incorporate education programs into areas where children have never been able to attend school. Along with community development, we have been able to raise awareness towards critical world issues such as human trafficking.

Originally, we had decided to take a back stage presence in the fight against global poverty, sitting in our comfy offices sipping our premium coffee, and hoping that it was enough. But we soon realized that we were called to do much more.

In June 2016 the Mission Made leadership team took their first trip to Haiti. The second our plane landed in Port Au Prince, our eyes were opened. We spent six glorious days walking everywhere, as most Haitians do, understanding the immense effort that it takes to simply survive in the brokenness of this country. Our hearts were broken, but awakened.

As a result, we now return regularly to Haiti. We will be joining our friends at HaitiAwake, providing development and education programs in the orphanage and local community.


In order to hold cost to a minimum for our missionaries, we have started a Team Go Fund Me Page (https://www.gofundme.com/missionmadereach). Any and all donations will be gratefully accepted.

Estimated Cost:

  • Flight: $500 - $650
  • Approximate Team Fee: $575
    (Covers room, travel, security, translator, breakfast & lunch each day)
  • Additional Costs: $200
Estimated Total: $1,275



Lessons, Bible study, crafts, and snack at the Children's Home.

Lessons, Bible study, crafts, and snack at Juno’s Orphanage.

Lessons, Bible study, crafts, and snack in Local Community.



Clothing General Items Medical Snacks
Modest summer clothes Cash for personal purchases, small bills totaling $250 at most Re: prescriptions—take enough to last the trip + a few extra days Trail mix
Work clothes Unscented soap, shampoo and lotiong Over the counter medications, such as Tylenol or Benadryl Energy bars
Hat Sunscreen Extra contact lenses and solution Granola bars
Sunglasses 30% DEET (or higher) insect repellant Malaria pills Turkey/Beef jerky
Bathing suit Flashlight Anti-diarrhea medication or an antibiotic (like ciprofloxacin) meant to combat traveler’s diarrhea Peanut butter
Shoes ideal for work and for general walking around Towels (pool/beach) Nuts
Sandals or flip flops Wet wipes and/or hand sanitizer Individual serving packets of powdered drink mix (ie. Crystal Light) or water additive containing electrolytes and vitamins (ie. Mio Plus or Powerade)
Water shoes Wide mouth reusable bottle with lid (like Nalgene)
Color copy of passport (stored separately from actual passport)
* There might also be items needed for donation. Please ask your trip leader or contact us to learn if there are any current needs.