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Haiti Awake Metal Art

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These are some of our personal favorites! The pieces are encouraging works of art that will transform any space in your home. Whenever you see it, you'll be reminded of why you chose that specific piece and know that you helped a friend in Haiti maintain a fair and safe job.


Carefully handcrafted by our friends at the Metal Art Marketplace using recycled metal. The artisans will cut open the oil barrel or steel metal drum, burn it, then lay it flat on the ground to begin the design. They will place a stencil pattern on top and trace the pattern into the metal. Next, the artisans will pound out the shape with a hammer and remove any excess pieces. Finally, they sand, varnish, and fold it into the masterpiece you see in the photos.


About the Artisan Group:

The Metal Art Marketplace is a hub for creativity and hard work. There are so many talented artisans who work on their craft daily and are proud to show you what they have come up with. With many small stores filled with metal art pieces, the marketplace is where we love to shop for the art you see in our collections. Over the past few years, we have cultivated relationships with a two of the artisans there, Billy and Vladimir, who work in the marketplace in order to hire teenagers and young adults to keep them out of gangs and give them a sustainable income. Through these friendships, we have been able to help support them by partnering with them for our school fundraisers and more to come!


With each product you can expect slight variations as a part of the artisan-crafted charm.



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