Pendant Necklace

Pendant Necklace

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Handcrafted by Empowered Artisans in Gonaives, Haiti.

With each product you can expect slight variations as a part of the artisan-crafted charm.


Handmade from waxed rope, recycled aluminum, and a clay bead.

Length of necklace is 11.5 inches.


Artisan Information:

While 80% of Haiti's citizens live below the poverty threshold, the country is home to inventive and resourceful artisans who are full of hope and joy. This artisan group use locally-sourced materials like clay, horn, paper beads, leather, and sheep skin. The jobs created when you purchase jewelry provide new beginnings for families and benefits the community through artisans supporting their own churches, paying school fees, buying from local merchants, helping others through life's obstacles like sickness or death. The artisans are paid 3x - 4x higher than the minimum wage. Our artisans in Haiti are provided with sustainable and dignified jobs that help support orphan prevention and community development.