Small BRANDED Cuff

Branded Collective


Handcrafted by Empowered Artisans in Nashville, Tennessee.

With each product you can expect slight variations as a part of the artisan-crafted charm.


Handmade from sheets of metal that have been hand sanded, stamped, and polished.


Dimensions are 1/2 inch wide and 6 inches long.

Bracelets bend to individual wrist size.

Polishing technique: Fill a bowl with lemon juice and add a dash of sea salt. Using a cotton ball or paper towel rub your cuff with the lemon juice and sea salt mix. Rinse your shiny new cuff with water and dry with a paper towel. 


Handmade by A, AG, AW, B, BP, CD, D, E, EW, H, J, JP, K, KL, L, R, RJ, RO, RU, T, TL, and Y.


Artisan Information:

Our BRANDED collection is handmade by survivors of human trafficking. Many of the victims of human trafficking are physically marked or branded by their captors, this collection of unique bracelets represents the millions of individuals trapped in the nightmare of trafficking. The jobs provided through the creation of these items helps to ensure these individuals are empowered economically and hope for restored future. When you receive your item from our BRANDED collection, you are BRANDED.

Collections: Bracelets, BRANDED Collection, MMJ

Type: Bracelet

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